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Are you ready to elevate your brand and be a part of the most prestigious fashion design awards in the world?

Elevate Your Brand Recognition

Showcase Your Brand’s Expertise
Align your brand with the Global Fashion Design Awards and reach a highly engaged audience of fashion industry professionals, media, and consumers and take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase your brand and reach a captive audience that is passionate about the fashion industry.

Build Relationships and Explore Opportunities

Network and Connect with Key Players
The awards bring together a highly diverse group of individuals, including government officials, diplomats, and the design fraternity from all over the world. As a partner, you will have the opportunity to connect with this diverse group of individuals giving you an unparalleled opportunity to expand your network, Build valuable relationships and explore potential business opportunities in the fashion industry.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Excellence

Let’s celebrate excellence together
The Global Fashion Design Awards celebrate the best in fashion design, and this partnership sends a strong message to the industry and your target audience that your company values the highest standards in fashion design and is dedicated to promoting and supporting the best in the industry.

Exclusive Access

Engage with the Fashion Community at Exclusive Events
The events provide an environment for you to showcase your brand, engage with the fashion community, and build your brand’s reputation. The after-party, in particular, is an opportunity for partners to let their hair down and socialise in a relaxed setting, allowing for more informal and personal conversations with other attendees.