Meet the Jury

The Global Fashion Design Awards recognizes the exceptional talent and creativity in the fashion industry. To ensure the selection of the most deserving winners, the organisers have brought together a diverse group of experts from various fields of business, art, and design.

This jury panel comprises individuals who are recognized for their brilliance, experience and exceptional skills and is tasked with the responsibility of carefully evaluating the submissions and selecting the best of the best to receive the awards.

With this diverse mix of individuals, the awards are guaranteed to be a true reflection of excellence in the fashion industry.

Beatrice Bloom

President – London fashion film Festival

She aims for fashion to be celebrated in many art-forms in motion pictures. She has been an international jury member in other film festivals, as well as a mentor in universities, where she has given several inspirational and educational talks.

Beatrice is also a freelance director, producer and fashion film tutor, since 2010. She was the head of the selection committee for 5 years at the “ UK Film Festival”. Prior to this, she had produced and directed many different projects.

Barbera Bell

Business Manager – London College Of Fashion

Rina Dhaka

Fashion Designer and Founding member FDCI

Akshra Dalal

Jamal Shekh